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Cobeu - The Consortium PDF

Cobeu, Consorzio Batterie Europeo, was born pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of Directive 66/2006 / EC transposed by Italian Legislative Decree 188/2008, with the possibility of establishing national consortium for the collection and treatment of lead batteries and lead refuse. It adopts a management system open to all operators and designed to ensure the principles of transparency, non discrimination, non-distortion of competition, free movement and the highest possible return.

Cobeu, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Asti, with No. IT09061P00012 of the National Register of batteries and accumulators, can operate on the market providing services for the collection, transport and processing of waste battery, with the clear objective of contributing to environmental protection, in accordance with the above mentioned Directive.

In pursuing its activities, the Consortium strictly follows the criteria of economy, so as to prevent any serious burden on the consumer / end user.

Clear and transparent rules have been established to govern the contribution of manufacturers in the consortium management (which others continue to improperly define environmental contribution).

To achieve the social goals, Cobeu have multiple interlocutors: manufacturers/importers, distributors, recycling companies, collectors, conveyors, end-users.

All categories part of the chain of batteries product life cycle are fairly represented in the consortium, so that there is not preponderance of one compared to the other.

Cobeu estimates the spent lead battery value according to the price of lead at London Metal Exchange.