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The waste collection management involves a series of subjects, all equally important to realize the closed loop supply chain for batteries and accumulators.

Holders and producers for various reasons of the exhausted battery (electrics garages, mechanical workshops wholesalers, installers, etc.)  play therefore a key role.

With these subjects, storage bins for the collection of the waste (as provided for in Article 2 point t), Legislative Decree 188/2008) can be installed, for the waste resulting from the exercise of their business, or brought directly by the end user, or consumer.

After filling the boxes, other traders get involved in the waste collection and recovery process from transporters, intermediate storage areas and, finally, recyclers and end users.

All these subjects are required to comply with regulatory requirements and to be in possession of the necessary permits (special waste, dangerous goods, etc.)..


Cobeu can do the separate batteries for vehicles collection at the artisans producing the waste,  providing bins for the spent lead batteries storage.

The recovered material purchase price is fixed by the value of the lead average quotation at the London Metal Exchange (LME www.lme.co.uk) with reference to the previous month, without any cost of treatment charge that has to be applied, in our philosophy, to the mining and not to the recovery. 


The collector represents for Cobeu a player of great importance. Contrary to mandatory policies made in the recent past, membership to Cobeu is entirely voluntary and based on an assessment of seriousness, professional skills, attention to the economic accounts of all the figures of the sector and surplus value sharing.

It is our intention to build a national network, which does not discriminate any operator at the expense of the other, that does not discriminate the great from the small, the near from the afar, the easily accessible from the one located in regions logistically disadvantaged.

We want to share with the collectors the surplus value of the consortium recovery flow and offer a range of consultancy services, never before addressed by a community.

All our efforts in plant engineering, in seeking solutions to transport issues, training for operators at all levels, authorization, financial and legal advice are for us a common starting point, made available to our members.
A real platform from which to grow and consolidate with the territory.