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The contribution of the end user / consumer is essential to the realization of the batteries and accumulators closed cycle.

If your car's battery is dead, if you replace the scale batteries, do not abandon the waste into the environment and do not dispose of it in undifferentiated waste containers:

  •  you can get rid of the waste batteries and accumulators for free in accessible collection points nearby (Articles 6, 7, Legislative Decree 188/2008);
  • end users should not be burdened when discarding waste batteries or accumulators, and they will not have the obligation to buy a new battery or accumulator (Articles 6, 7, Legislative Decree 188/2008);
  • appliances incorporating batteries or accumulators shall be accompanied by instructions showing how to remove them safely and informing end users about the type of batteries and accumulators incorporated. (Article 9, Legislative Decree no. 188/2008);
  • the costs of collecting, treating and recycling are not shown separately to end users at the sale of new batteries and accumulators (Article 13, Legislative Decree 188/2008);
  • batteries and accumulators manufacturers, or third parties acting on their behalf shall carry out, through the coordinating centre, information campaigns to inform end users about:

a) batteries and accumulators substances potential effects on the environment and human health;

b) the obligation not to dispose of waste batteries and accumulators as urban waste and to make separate collection for such waste;

c) systems for collecting waste batteries and accumulators at their disposal;

d the treatment and recycling procedures for all waste batteries and accumulators;

e) the role they can play in the waste batteries and accumulators recycling;

f) the meaning of the symbol of the garbage can with wheels crossed out shown in Annex IV, and the chemical symbols for the mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd) and lead (Pb).

  • portable batteries or accumulators distributors expose out, near the counters, with a legible character, a notice to the public about the possibility to leave at their stores waste batteries or accumulators. The notice also informs about the dangers and the damage that may result to the environment and to human health from the disposal of batteries and accumulators outside of containers for separate collection and the meaning of the symbols affixed, according to this decree, on batteries and accumulators. (Article 22, Legislative Decree 188/2008)

COBEU and the end user

Cobeu has perfected a plan to increase the recovery, which aims to economically reward the citizen which brings the waste to the associated collection centers. Cobeu is implementing several initiatives to involve citizens in recycling and discourage the refusal abandonment.
Cobeu promoted through campaigns in schools, public meetings, debates, conferences, etc... public awareness on the problems of waste recovery.