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Cobeu, with the maximum transparency that has always marked his work, make available on-line consultation of the Statute for all interested parties.

During the general meeting of 2009/06/05 all the changes needed to adapt it to Legislative Decree 188/2008 have been approved and the new Statute has been duly filed with the Chamber of Commerce.

Cobeu, guarantor of the free competition, has established transparent and clear rules to regulate the manufacturer’s contribution to the Consortium management (which others continue to improperly define environmental contribution).

• The Consortium registration fee amounts to € 1,000.00, one time charge.
• The contribution requested for the management (annual charge), varies in proportion to member farm size and production capacity.

After filling out the form below you will be contacted by a manager who will give you all the information and explanations necessary to make an informed choice and enjoy the benefits that Cobeu can offer to you.
Download the Application Form;

Download the Privacy Policy and Consent to use of data.