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Article 4 – Consortium Members

1. To the Consortium it can participate, in person or through national trade associations representing them as for art. 6, paragraph 2:

a) companies that produce, import or otherwise put on the domestic market professionally for the first time portable and / or vehicles and / or industrial batteries and accumulators, photovoltaic and / or solar panels;

b) companies engaged in the recycling of exhausted batteries and accumulators, of their waste and anyway of the waste of the products listed in point a) of this article;

c) regional treatment and storage facilities that carry on activities of treatment and/or storage and/or export of the products provided for in point b) of this article;

d) companies engaged in the collection of the products provided for in point b) of this article;

e) the companies that distribute the products provided for in point a) of this article, doing, during the activity of trade, the replacement, the sale and still the supply to an end user;

f) companies and/or public or private bodies that carry on services, consultancy, research and development activities in renewable energy field or otherwise involved in pursuing the Consortium objectives.

The companies provided for in points d) and e) participate in the Consortium through national trade associations.

Companies and institutions as in point f) can participate through services and/or advice consortia.

2. The participation of companies and associations shall be subject to the achievement of at least one share of the consortium funding.